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Improving the quality of life. Enhances the adaptive capabilities of the individual Restores information links in the body and removes conflict and tension. The Super-Svetlitsa improves the quality of life. It produces a healing effect on all the vital systems of the body. It increases the energy potential of the individual Decrease the waste of… read more »

Benefits of Structured Water

Written by Liala Epstein, Advanced Health Technologies, Canadian Distributor for Clayton Nolte This lecture was originally presented at the Toronto Whole Life Expo November 28, 2010   This discussion begins with a brief discussion of 3 concepts that are important to understanding the significance of the Natural Action Water units humans as electrical beings photons,… read more »

Facts About Water

From Life Experience – Why Water Matters! Even healthy eaters often underestimate the importance of their water intake and wind up suffering from chronic, low-grade dehydration. Here are just a few reasons good hydration is essential to good health, followed by six tips for staying hydrated: Energy: Suboptimal hydration slows the activity of enzymes, including those… read more »

Biodynamic Structured Water

Structured water is water in nature. If you take a gallon or ten gallons of water and pour it in a mountain stream at the top of the mountain and then collect it at the bottom, the water is structured. Structured water is free of memory. It has a balanced pH. The main contingent of… read more »

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger is a well read but formally uneducated man who lived the greater proportion of his life observing and learning from nature. His insights and applications are so beautiful in their simplicity and in their application so harmonious with nature that his work and ideas deserve far greater recognition. The inventor of what he… read more »

Clayton M. Nolte

Clayton M. Nolte, is a researcher and inspired inventor of life transforming water structuring technologies. He spent the last forty years exploring physics, math and the properties of water, and the effects it has on life. During Clayton’s research, natures own structured water became a unique recurring phenomenon of appearing where no water should. With… read more »

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, best known for his claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Initially Emoto claimed that high-quality water forms beautiful and intricate crystals, while low-quality water has difficulty forming crystals. Initially Emoto claimed that high-quality water forms beautiful and intricate crystals,… read more »

Dr. Gerald Pollack

Dr. Gerald Pollack, UW professor of bioengineering, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary. The researcher has spent the past decade convincing worldwide audiences that water is not actually a liquid. Dr. Gerald Pollack received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He then joined the… read more »

Body Mapping

Bach Flower Body Mapping Skin Zones Bach Flower Body Mapping Skin Zones are a further refinement of Bach Flower Therapy. Diagnosis and treatment by means of these physical reflex zones enable work with Bach flowers to be greatly simplified. In the case of physical problems, the relevant flower can be read directly from the body,… read more »


Contents [hide] 1 History 2 What Is Bioresonance 3 Preservation The diagnostic device identifies the pathological processes, even in the very early stages, when traditional methods like ultrasound are not effective. Each pathological process, causative agent, each deviation of homeostasis have their own electromagnetic spectrum. Depending on specific organ, aligns itself with the frequency of… read more »